Saturday, November 29, 2014

A catastrophic shift of the earth’s crust?

Is something like this possible at all?

Apparently a shift of the earth’s crust does take place from time to time and depending on the amount of shift which takes place such a shift can be very severe or simply a minor occurrence. In the well-known book world’s in collision written by Mr. Immanuel Velikovsky the author proposes that a close encounter between the earth and Mars in approximately 747 BC had far-reaching consequences which has caused a shift in the crust of the earth and also has changed the magnetic fields of the earth. It was also during this time that most of the major cultures have added another five days to their calendar signifying that the Earth’s rotation cycle must have been affected. It is even possible that the earth has momentarily stopped spinning and because of interference from Mars has started to spin the other way around resulting in a slightly longer year.  

What could cause a shift of the crust?

The well-known author Clive Cussler has proposed in his book in the Dirk Pitt series about Atlantis that it is theoretically possible to break off a sufficient amount of ice from Antarctica and if a large enough amount of ice are broken free this could trigger a major shift in the earth’s crust leading to a possible worldwide catastrophe. Other ideas which have been proposed are the fast melting ice in the North and South Pole which could theoretically disturb the fine balance which are holding everything in place on the planet. A huge area of ocean especially in the North Pole which was frozen over for a large part of the year is now navigable most of the time. There seems to be substantial proof that the level of the ocean has been lower during ancient history. Several ruins have been found which lies several meters under the current surface of the ocean. There are also what appear to be roads which have been built by people that are now many meters under the surface of the ocean.

Antarctica without ice?

Several ancient maps have been located which seems to portray Antarctica as a continent without ice some time in recent history. There is the well-known Pirri Reis map, image above and the Oronteus Finaeus map which must have its source within the last couple of thousand years. How else can these phenomena be explained in a reasonable way? Why would anyone draw a map about a continent which they have never seen and especially about a continent which has been covered under thousands of meters of ice for a very long time. This brings us to the question what has happened to turn an ice free continent into an ice covered and hostile environment. Was this one of the things which took place in 747 BC when there was a close encounter between the earth and mars? Will there be another disaster which would strip Antarctica of its ice covering?

What about the woolly mammoths?

Could a disastrous shift in the crust of the earth explain the extinction of a well-adapted animal which were found with sufficient food in its stomach. These animals did not starve to death and neither did they die of a sickness or disease. They simply appear to have been overwhelmed by sudden and very quick cold temperatures. Many bodies have been recovered under the ice and in most cases those corpses are almost perfectly preserved and there is very often almost no corruption. However for whole herds of animals to perish almost simultaneously requires a very special explanation in order to account for such an occurrence. A major shift in the earth’s crust seems to fit that scenario where an animal are feeding in an environment where there are sufficient food but because of a shift in the crust of the earth a moderate climate are almost instantly converted into a polar region with cold temperatures. What if Antarctica was once populated and its entire population was wiped out due to a shift of the earth’s crust?