Saturday, April 30, 2016

The creators of online captcha jobs 

What is the purpose would these jobs?

The blatant truth about captcha jobs where in millions of people is employed for long hours while they are earning virtually nothing for their efforts is the fact that these online money making opportunities is mostly created by computer hackers whose primary purpose it is to hack into websites in order to do a whole range of illegal things. As soon as a person has figured out the captcha image the hacker which is behind the online money making scheme will take that information and now that they have access to that website they will upload spyware, malware and even dangerous viruses to that computer system. A whole range of illegal activities then become possible once the user’s computer has been infected and several things could be done such as gaining access to personal information which may include bank account information and a whole range of other things. When you get involved in this kind of online money making scheme where your basic duty is to unravel captcha images then you basically become an accessory to a computer hacker and the problem with such a situation is that when an investigation is started into these irregularities you will be the first one to be suspected because the hacker would have made very certain that their identities is never revealed. This kind of online money making process is not what it seems at first glance.

It is important to do adequate research

People should never believe everything which is said by online money making websites because the reality is that there is a whole lot of illegal things taking place and in many cases the person who is seeking to increase their income through that online money making program is the one which is in many cases exploited and in most of the cases all those promises of lucrative incomes is nothing but a myth and in this regard the whole issue surrounding captcha images is a perfect example. Most of these online money making programs which involve captcha images will make promises of big money and they will use many different avenues and strategies to attract people with a wide variety of job listings and other promotional tricks in order to ensure that there is always a large number of people available to assist them with these illegal activities. Therefore quite frankly of you have recently heard for the first time about captcha images and you have been curious about this subject then do yourself a favor and don’t get involved. Millions of people who were trying this online money making opportunity have been disappointed because all of them had been expected to complete thousands of captcha images for the insignificant of reward of 2 or 3 dollar. Not only is there very little money to be made with this kind of online money making process but while doing it you are making it easier for computer hackers to cause damage to other people’s computer systems and in the process the reputation of such a website or business can be severely damaged and in many cases the people doing business on that website will also suffering the process. You yourself may also become a victim of the damage which has been caused.

It really an issue of morality

You should ask yourself what can be gained from getting involved in something which is ultimately used to cause a whole lot of damage and the actual fact that millions of people who get involved in these disputable online money making programs is actually doing irreparable harm to the entire economy. Just consider the long-term implications if this kind of online money making schemes is allowed to continue and millions of people continue to assist computer hackers with the process of unraveling these captcha images, where will it all end and what will be the consequences of those actions. By carefully considering the above information it should be clear to any person that when it comes to online money making schemes getting involved in a job which concerns captcha images is something which should be avoided at all costs.

What is all the hype surrounding captcha jobs?

Could this provide a realistic and sustainable online money making opportunity?

People need to understand that basically captchas is the textual images which require someone who desires access to a website or other online business to enter a combination of letters and/or numbers before access will be allowed. In some cases there may actually be an audio recording which will provide people with the sequence of letters or numbers which they need to type into the box in order to gain access to the site or business. Because these letters or numbers is sometimes very difficult to identify because of the way in which they are typed there is also a refresh button which will provide a person with a new captcha image in order to provide them with an additional opportunity to gain access to that website. There are now many online moneymaking businesses that are offering opportunities to people where they can earn money simply by figuring out a specific captcha image. The purpose behind captcha images is to prevent hackers from gaining frequent access to a website and in most cases captcha images is employed to verify whether it is a really a human being that is trying to access that website. The whole purpose behind this exercise is to prevent automated machines or basically robots from gaining access to a particular website and the argument is that only a real human will be able to identify the letter and number sequences in a captcha image which will allow them to access that website. The question now remains how can onlinemoney making programs help people to make money in this way?

Probably the simplest way to make money

Even someone with no higher education accept a basic ability to read should be able to easily succeed with a job where they are expected to unravel captcha images. Therefore this is without a doubt one of the simplest online money making processes available because very little education will be required to succeed. Anyone can go to any particular website on the Internet and will be more than capable to immediately start entering just about any captcha image as they appear on the screen of the computer and by doing so they could be paid anything from $.50-$.80 for every 1000 captcha images which has been correctly entered. The catch behind this online money making scheme is that in order to earn $2.50 a person will have to complete at least 5000 captcha images per day. Online money making businesses who are promoting these kind of jobs will have all kinds of sign up bonuses in order to attract as much people as possible to do their dirty work for them. The reality however is that you will need to work very long hours where after you will have very little to show for all your efforts. It may be the simplest online money making scheme but it certainly does not pay much.

Is this process even legal?

There are thousands of online money making programs that are making extraordinary promises to attract people to that programs and one of the main attractions which they promote is claims of easy money for easy work. All of these online money making charlatans will claim that you will be able to make good money by doing this work. However when looking at this whole system objectively the fact cannot be avoided that when you engage in this kind of activities you are in actual fact becoming an accessory to the illegal crime of hacking into a website. However in the event of an investigation you will be identified as the person who has cracked that captcha image while it will be very difficult to identify the hacker sitting behind this entire illegal online money making scheme. It does not take a lot of brains to come to the conclusion that this kind of online money making process is totally illegal and anyone who are involved in this process is in actual fact committing a felony. However many people who are desperate to earn money with an online money making program is drawn to these kind of projects because of the promise that a lot of money can be earned in this way. The reality however is that this kind of onlinemoney making opportunity will consume your whole life while the rewards will be a pittance.

Friday, April 29, 2016

How to find the perfect online opportunity

Online jobs is becoming increasingly popular

Everywhere on the planet online money making programs is gaining in popularity and this is also true in Asian countries such as India, China and many others. Many people are starting to catch on and it is just so unfortunate that a large percentage of online money making programs is nothing more than a scam by people with little or no moral values that have only one objective and that is to make a few quick dollars out of gullible people and then to move on to another online money making scheme where they will do the same. There are many ways in which people can make money online such as selling of products, some people make money from YouTube, others sell images which is being used by people for a whole range of purposes almost like Google advanced image or Instagram. Other people buy and sell domains while others prefer to do data entry jobs and the list goes on and on. Some people will prefer to try programs which involves a mystery shopper while others like myself will be involved in online writing jobs. There is an endless number of online moneymaking jobs such as freelancing jobs and affiliate jobs and others are blogging from home. There are also people who are been paid simply to read adds while others are doing online survey jobs.

There are an endless list of opportunities

Possibly there is something in the above list of online money making opportunities that may appeal to you and that may be possible for you to earn a decent income by doing one of those things. The old secret behind finding an online money making program that will work for you is to persist and to be patient because the proper opportunity is definitely out there somewhere. Many successful online money making entrepreneur’s has spent many years sometimes as much as a decade in diligent search for an online money making scheme that actually works. I have listened to a webinar yesterday where a person was discussed that has managed to earn $50 million with his online money making program. It is totally worth it to wait 10 years for such a lucrative opportunity. You see you have to believe that you deserve such an opportunity, and you have to believe that things will work out for you because as long as you maintain that mindset of positivity, absolutely anything is possible and before you know you have more money to spend than any of your family or friends. Take Bill Gates as an example when he started out no one has even heard of a Windows operating system but today he is the wealthiest men on theplanet with an estimated $60 billion personal worth. After 30 years in the industry Microsoft is still going strong and could reasonably be expected to continue doing so for many years.

The opportunities provided by affiliate jobs

When you become part of an affiliate program this can provide you with the opportunity to promote very popular products on sites such as SnapDeal and also Amazon and they will pay you handsomely for every success that you achieve. These kind of online money making programs is becoming increasingly popular all over the planet because of the excellent commission rates which could be earned from these affiliate programs. You can write your own check because you alone determine how much you are going to input and therefore also what your earnings is going to be. You will have to register to become an affiliate of a specific website but once this has been done there is a very real opportunity to earn an excellent income and this is why affiliate marketing has become very popular as a legitimate online money making program. It is often best to partner with a company that understands the process of affiliate marketing and you will be able to provide you with training and coaching in order to ensure that your progress is as rapid as possible.